Wednesday, December 31, 2008

well now....

the last good day of the year. and everything we do tonight will determine our paths for the rest of our lives. not really, but that sounded good at the moment. new years resolutions? here:

high resolutions, definitely. happy new years y'all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


for Christmas/Chanukah we wanted these:

but we got stuck with these instead:


<3 mc

p.s. more post-christmas stuff in a bit. brb.

p.p.s. actually, we wanted a narwhal:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


another BIG Happy birthday to one of our very own:

Mister KRIS! big papa lart! happy 21st/18th/16th/26th/100th birthday Krissssstofferson!! you're legal now! ;) hahahahaaa

if you know this boy, give him a holler and a hUG! and a pack of polaroid film to take n00dz of you. ha!

<3 mc

p.s. happy shopping y'all!

p.p.s. this is too good:


Monday, December 22, 2008



one of our very owns turned 35 today! just kidding, he turned 22. and single! so laaaadieeeesss, holla back!! wooo wooo!

second: this gave our ears a boner today, so we thought we would share it with you:


1. 33% B-Boy - DJ Format, Ford, M.
2. U. D. In Brasil - DJ Format, Pleasant, R.
3. Do That There - DJ Format, Shimura, T.
4. 3Ft Deep - DJ Format, DJ Format
5. SNT - DJ Format, McFadden, Lucas
6. Beats & Pieces - DJ Format, Black, Matt
7. Bristol Fingers - DJ Format, Merchant, I.
8. Root Down and Get It - DJ Format, Smith, Jimmy
9. Get Wise '91 - DJ Format, Haynes, J.
10. Changes - DJ Format, Lamdin, Benedic
11. Sunshine of Your Love - DJ Format, Bruce, Jack
12. Hot Rod Poppa - DJ Format, Bolan, Marc
13. The Slip - DJ Format, Boraman, G.
14. Save Me - DJ Format, Franklin, Caroyl
15. Indian Rope Man - DJ Format, Havens, Richie
16. Sweet Bacon - DJ Format, Miller
17. Breakdown - DJ Format, Sears, James
18. Toe Hold - DJ Format, Porter, David
19. Put Some Grit in It - DJ Format, Holland, W.
20. Give Me Mercy - DJ Format, Pender, J.
21. I Need Someone - DJ Format, Billups, Eddie
22. Slinky - DJ Format, Murtaugh, John
23. Dancing Drums - DJ Format, Shankar, Ananda
24. Night Owl - DJ Format, Taylor, James
25. Rock N Roll - DJ Format, Simmons, D.

and third: click the picture above or HERE to download. also, check this out:


this is the shirt WE made in augus​t 2007 [​hallo​ween limit​ed relea​se]. look:

and this is the shirt PAIDBLESS ( made, that we saw on karma​loop.​com [on sale for 50% off RIGHT​ NOW]. look:

Could​ you be any less creat​ive?​ I mean,​ sure,​ it's kinda​ a compl​iment​,​ but could​ you be anymo​re obvio​us?​!​ And both of those shirts can be bought on the same site!! Even more obvious! WOW. anyways, don't support these biters. Time to finish Christmas shopping. brb.

<3 mc

p.s. Thanks Leilanie for spotting that. You're amazing.

p.p.s. we don't know how old this is, but it was funny:

especially the guy kickin rizzhymes!

Friday, December 19, 2008


our eyes are watery now. thanks.

Oh, and Sean Lennon:

that guy is potentially the real James Bond right now, but instead of the gunfire and stunts, replace it with music & money and other stuff we wish we had. his life consists of dating models and buying cool clothes. and don't forget the whole "oh yeah, i hang out with the Rza, and i can play guitar and sing like my dad, sorta. Oh what? Guess who my dad is?" whatever dude. i know, we're just a little jealous, but i guess that's normal.

We don't want to be normal anymore. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NEW GRN!! ( & stuff )

There's no way John McCain and David Letterman could be friends, as much as everyone says they are:

oh well:


Return Policy
International Shipping Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return your item(s) to us within 30 days of the original shipment date. We will gladly issue you a refund as long as the item(s) have not been used, washed, or damaged and are in the same condition as when you received them. Shipping and Handling is not refundable.

International orders are shipped using USPS, which normally takes about 1-4 weeks, but also depends largely on the destination country's postal service. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of international orders, since some packages will be held up in customs in the destination country.

*Please remember that international orders are subject to being charged customs fees by the destination country's government. We have no control over how much you are charged for customs and the fees are completely independent of Milk Distribution (GRN Apple Tree). Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any additional charges the destination country imposes on you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008