Wednesday, March 26, 2008

speaking of machine guns....

Portishead released it's new single off their 3rd album (titled Third) after more than 10 years called Machine Gun and here it is on youtube:

Alot of blokes are saying "it doesn't sound like portishead...blah, blah." but aren't realizing that this album shouldn't sound like the first two in the sense of it sounding like traditional trip-hop which they pretty much owned. Portishead always sounded different, and this sounds unlike anything i've heard in a long time and it's pretty fantastic to hear them again after so long. In fact, i'd be pretty disappointed if i heard something that sounded too similar to their first two albums. And if you really listen to how it's structured, it does sound like Portishead, except 2008. Amazing. Coachella, here we come!


Friday, March 14, 2008


It's pretty much gonna be the new smash (i hope) cult class Battle Royale of 2008. And we seriously hope it doesn't pull some retarded Ichi the Killer thing that has alot of cool things but an overall weird plot. Maybe it's something about japanese culture that american cinema doesn't understand, but i really hope this will be on the same shelf as my Battle Royale and OldBoy dvd section:

click the pic to peep the new line from our very own lovely baby Ashkahn 5000 aka Dont Stop aka Cryin Tiger aka Dayyyumn Gurl! haha but yeah, it's bangin like bamboo: or click HERE
worrrrdd up!
last but not least:
Can't effin wait! and don't forget this saturday, our very own Emiliofish is going to be in a show @ Giant Robot LA. word to yo muthaship. peep:

see you there!