Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Titty City

Hiooo! the new issue of Titty City just came out! Its a bit better than the first issue for several reasons. One the paper's way better, the xeroxing looks like it was done on a newer machine, and the most important thing is they've gotten the tits-to-ass-to-male-ass ratio down pretty well. The peoples behind Titty City somehow got their asses in gear to start a website:

Check it!

Things that annoy us:

1. Trying to take a picture when the camra is on video mode...

2. When people try to dress differnt but it comes off really, really, really werid/bad/ugly/stupid/odd/dumb.

3. Paris Hilton trying to dance. It's like, why? :

4. When people sneeze ALL UP IN YO FACE!!

Things that entertain us:

1. typing in vagina on ebay and seeing what pops up. something like this! A cigar shaped herbal product that claims to be able to (on insertion) tighten your vagina and clear up any nasty yeast infections or anything else unsavory you may have going on downstairs. hahah!

2. When people post cute videos of their puppies. Its so CUTE! thanks people... but thats up with the corny songs?

3. Scaring our friends is always fun. ;0)

4. Old people discovering the Wii:

Hope you guys have a nice day!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nu Rave

So reading Vice Magazine, we came across an article we just couldn't shake. An article on "Blipsters" aka Black Hipsters. After cracking up over how good that title is we decided to give some kuddos to those oh so steezy mo fuckas! I mean shit. You have to admit when you come across a "Blipster" you take a double take and most likely think, GAH DAMN! In London the Nu Rave scene is huge out there. According to Vice, "East London, the epicentre of nu rave, is home to big black communities and so racial mixing was inevitable. Soon enough the neon-clad, glitter-faced, MDMA-fuelled parties became a melting pot of all creeds." Basically thats how Nu wave was born. Damn and we thought it was just the 80's phase. All in all, Middle Class would just like to say, "Thats Dope."

Ahhh Kesh. You are so so fresh.... Model for us?

We also don't want to say R.I.P Ben Chapman, who played the infamous creature in the 1954 Universals hit, Creature in the Black Lagoon. He died on Feb. 22 at a VA hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. Cheers creature of the lagoon...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

this is the future....

So....some stuff. Before the best part about this post is shown, we want to state a few things:

1. First off, we thought about how much easier life would be if we were rich (financially). But then again, if we were rich, our motivation probably wouldn't be the way it is now, it would be lessened. This is based on the idea that if you are rich or poor, you have nothing to lose. Because if you are rich, when you lose, you still kinda have some money to live (if you're smart about it). And if you are poor, you also have nothing to lose, because you already lost everything. So if we were poor, we would just steal everything and fuck with everyone because we really have nothing to lose, and if we were rich, we would try to invent things that cost some money (technology, businesses, etc.), and if it doesn't work out, what's the worst that could happen, right? Lose a few bucks? But if you're a middle class working kind, then you kinda have everything to lose, because if you take a risk at something and then lose it, then it sucks. And if you win, then it can possibly change your life dramatically. I guess it would be nice to live the rich life, but for now we're pretty content with the idea of working hard considering that the appreciation for life is a lot greater.

2. Mido.....

you are soooooooooooo hot to us. But...

3. We kinda fell in love with someone new..

Thanks alot Bronques. Dearest girl with the big bowtie, let our paths cross and our lips meet soon. *sigh*

4. Now onto the good stuff....Here is the future, and his name is Johnny Lee:

Pretty amazing right? Youtube his other works, he's pretty much gonna be set for life once Nintendo and Sony pick him up. Damn son.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008