Wednesday, January 23, 2008


finally, our wishes have come true.


see you there!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

spike jonze w/ m.i.a. + kanye...

our very own lovelies @ (vice magazine's video page) released a series with acclaimed director spike jonze hanging out with people on saturdays, and it's pretty wonderful. here are the first two segments that are up right now with m.i.a. and kanye. each video has like 5 other parts to it that you can wait for after each clip, a commercial shows up and then part 2 starts and so on. they're awesome.


see the rest here

& kanye:

see the rest here


wtf amy winehouse?!

when did you accidentally fall into a time machine and turn 70? we hope this is one of those "this is how you'll look 100 years from now" things. because if not, then it's pretty sad. what happened to decent amy winehouse where she didn't look too bad and kinda hot but only at certain moments, sorta? and is that chicken nugget sauce?!

speaking of chicken nuggets, we need food.

<3 mc

p.s. here's a picture of a really hot girl to balance out the aesthetics of this post:

and here too:

thanks bronques! mmmmhm! who wants to take pictures?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


so we teamed up with ISM magazine ( for this crazy art show/party in the LBC on the 26th (next SATURDAY), and it's gonna be pretty fan-freakin-tastic. mainly cuz of all the art, and also because we're DJing it and taking alot of fun photos and things, so come through and enjoy the FREE FREE FREE fun! see you there!


Monday, January 14, 2008

things to see.

Has anyone seen this yet:

oh radiohead. haha and this:

It's PT Anderson's new film which is supposedly really good. And also, has anyone seen this yet:

hahaha it's Paris Hilton falling on her face. if only the footage was better. either way, it's still pretty funny. she falls as if someone dropped an acme anvil on her stupid head. haha

<3 mc

p.s. we forgot to put this on our top 10, the music video of the year goes to:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

so far, so good....

it's only been about 2 weeks into 2008 and some wonderful stuff has happened already. make sure to go to the ISM magazine x Middle Class art show/party on the 26th of this month in Long Beach. we're gonna DJ and also have a bunch of things up, with a few more surprises. we'll have the flyer soon. other than that, here's some pics we forgot to post from recently:

love you!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

this gets us every time....

oh how we wished 8 diagrams sounded like 36 chambers. oh well.

oh, and have you seen this yet:

like wu-tang, they get us every time too. *sigh*


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TOP TEN OF 2007.

TOP TEN OF 2007.

I know we're a little late with the Top Tens, but we've been pretty busy and trying to work out all the kinks of this whole thing, blogs, parties, sites, stuff to make, people to meet, etc. etc., but we're here and our new years resolution is to be able to make all of you happier by having the most fun, giving the best hugs, the highest high fives, things to wear, art to see, people to meet, places to go, things to eat and everything that makes everything great. And so far, things are looking pretty nice. So about that Top Ten....Here we go:

1. Things we ate. Subway. Don't know why, but we ate a lot of Subway before our nights out. Mochi ice cream seemed to be a big deal as well as apple glazed pizza (mmmm) and Pinkberry. Sangria. Bum juice haha. Guess that counts as things we ate. And Patron. Haha Sorta.

2. Things we saw. Shows. The Takashi Murakami retrospect at the MOCA was pretty fantastic. Epic in a sense considering he pretty much runs things at the moment. Olafur Elliason, Lari Pittman, Barry McGee and Richard Prince all had praise-worth shows. As well as a handful of others. The Obey show, it was great seeing where it came from to where it is now. Feist in SF with Grizzly Bear. Soooo good. And of course, all the M.I.A. shows made everything feel like it was the best dance party at the end of the world.

3. Things we observed. The downfall of Britney Spears. She's pretty much the perfect model for the next VH1 Behind the Music. Through Britney, we saw the rise and demise of the celebrity, and at first, it was funny, but right now it's really sad. From her tv show that bombed, to having kids, shaving her head, and an excess of drugs and depression, to the police standoff she showed us the true nature of the human and what it means to be just that. God speed Britney.

4. Things that we went to alot. Santa Ana's Artist Village. This year is the beginning of a big change for Santa Ana's Artist Village. From Detroit Bar, the crazy parties at Proof Bar, and to the much anticipated The Crosby, Santa Ana lovely Broadway placed places seems very promising for 2008. And of course, our lovely people at Archrival in Little Tokyo. Go there, buy stuff, and say hi. These guys really know how to take care of their people. And that Magic/Larry shirt…wooo!

5. Things we observed again. Bikes. Is it me or did the bicycle explosion happen noticeably in 07? Specifically fixed gears. And what's up with hypebeast hiphop dudes just going into bike shops and buying a fixed gear without knowing how to ride one, and buying it without trying it out? Yeah, we've seen it happen.

6. Things We Watched. No Country For Old Men might have been one of the best films we saw in a while. The Coen Brothers always have a way of building up moments and stories in films in this intensity that no one else does. And the fact that there's no music or soundtrack in this film at all is pretty amazing. Then of course, Juno. Juno obviously won our hearts. Go see it. It might save your relationship. Ellen Page….*sigh* Oh yeah! And Grindhouse too!

7. Things We Heard. There were a lot of great albums that came out, singles that might've annoyed us and won our hearts at some point (see Soulja Boy), but for some reason, you can always count on Radiohead. In Rainbows might have been one of the best albums of 2007, along with Feist's The Reminder and MIA's Kala. They have a way of soothing souls and somehow modeling the soundtrack of your life at the precise moment of listening. Madlib, Kweli, Kanye……of course. And for those long night time drives, our very own Free The Robots with his EP made well with the night time drives to SF, as well as hyping us up for the Low End Theory nights. Singles? Seriously, 50 cent with Justin and Timbaland's "Ayo Technology" might've topped our list with his "get money" track that samples Audio Two. Say what you want, that shit was hard. Period.

8. Things we did. Partied. Hard. Sorta. Not in a "I'm a rockstar and I smell like liquor and cigs every night coked out" way, but in a "I'm the one who always shows up, smiles, smells good, hugs, buys drinks for and goes home satisfied enough to not wake up with a hangover" way. Haha I hope. Notable party: Thriller Halloween Party.

9. Things we wore. The return of the 90s. 2007 seemed like a noticeable time for the return of the 90s. Neons, big shirts, bike hats, rave themed everything, high tops, acid wash. (See Jeremy Scott and MIA) And pretty much the blow up of H&M in southern cali. Best place ever.

10. Things we played. Nintendo Wii. Hands down, the Wii was the most creative thing of 2007 and had our wrists hurting many nights. Warioware, Sonic vs. Mario Olympics, Mario Party, Guitar Hero, Mario Galaxy = yes! Don't sleep on the Wii, or else you'll be sitting around on that PS3 watching bluray dvds. Who buys a videogame system to watch dvds?! You guys got swindled!! (if you bought it for that reason)

And now....2008. This year looks more promising than ever. Everything just seems to be going in the right direction and hopefully we won't steer too far off course. Happy New Year everyone!!