Tuesday, September 30, 2008



the Lo-Lifes!!

drawings of girls who take naked pictures of themselves!

marge's painting of mr. burns!

the chapman brothers!

& bill murray with his bike!


bush with a fixed gear.

not cool:

maybe....but this feels like that pharrel pic below. ALSO...his shoe laces are untied! which is just asking to get caught in that chain! haha

not cool (maybe) :

supreme & terry richardson doing this photo that we thought we did first! haha we still think this picture is cool, and maybe even better? lame!


kermit's head cut off!

pale rich famous gay asian artists walking down the street!

super cool:

stand by me!

ultimate cool:

hahaha...we love rikka! also, doesn't this guy look like tommy the green ranger?! 


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Certainly, the best thing Diesel has done:

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

hahaha....thanks Mega.


Also. Look who's ridin' fixed now:

Bjorn showed us this. As much as we think Pharrel is sometimes cool, he sometimes can be potentially wack. Maybe only when it comes to semi-sports related things, like skating, and apparently now riding track bikes. Is that an Eimei?? Apparently, he has been riding fixed according to a lyric he spitted: "dog im backpedalling that like a track bike" ???? Hmmmm......we wonder. Does that mean he's gonna change his name from Skate-Board-P to Fixed-Gear-Pee? We still love you Pharrel!

So let's see, Kanye got one, Pharrel got one.... Please, please, please let Lil Wayne get one, or T-Payne. haha

Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain likes boobs...

What else is new?

Well, at least we now know that he's good at showing his true feelings. haha Strangely, something is telling us that there might be a possibility he wins. Sure, the facts are there, and that they are obvious that Obama should win, but what about everyone on the other side? There are more stupid people in this country, and they probably still feel the same about being Republican. It's the same concept of 'preaching to the converted'....They usually just go around and talk to their own people (the converted). Sure, they are trying to win the other side as well, but all the "stupid" people probably are still gonna vote for him, especially now that he has Palin on his side. We might be doomed. The only sure-fire way it seems, is if Obama gets rid of Joe Biden, and swaps him for Hillary. As crazy as it sounds, it sorta makes sense. Not to mention that certain people who are endorsing Obama are kind of stupid, might be turning off some people....Lindsay Lohan, and quite possibly this:

Sure, Terry Richardson takes some good photos, but this kinda, sorta, maybe turns Obama (or Terry?) into the new all-over-print. We wanna hear (and see picture of Obama with instead of Terry...) muthafuckin' Donald Trump, Kurt Russell, Adam Sandler, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood (who are all supposedly REPUBLICAN and have switched over) make commercials to support Obama in an attempt to switch other republicans over to the dark side. Right?

That might be something possibly "smartly stupid" (McCain's move on the market crash) worth doing. Obama could learn a thing or two from McCain, except maybe staring at girls boobs in public. But damn. If McCain wins, we're moving to Europe. Maybe.

The Incredible Hulk Hogan..

We decided....

The Incredible Hulk is awesome, and so is Hulk Hogan. Well, the old Hulkster.

They share quite the similarities, and not much differences. Both are very strong and both are really into their clothes ripping in some way. In fact, they both make the same faces. One is angry when he fights (The Incredible Hulk, obviously), and the other is really sweet (Hulk Hogan turns somewhat lovable, sympathized, and audience friendly, giving high fives to everyone). One also is sweet and nice when he's not fighting (Bruce Banner aka The Hulk) , and the other is usually angry-ish when he's not (Hulk Hogan usually goes in a rage-roid-filled speech before he goes into battle) stating "Watcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!." They are both symbols of some sort of unstoppable american heroic power.

Both somewhat unnatural super beings: The Incredible Hulk with intense gamma ray infused powers, and the Hulkster with his 24-inch pythons, and unreal amazing perfect hair and mustache. Another thing that's strange is their relationship to war and the american government, weapons and politics and how they serve as these possible analogies or metaphors for the previous mentioned about America. In a sense, The Hulk (Bruce Banner) is the result of every reason why the war, secret weapons and testing is wrong. He was a product of the American government's testing gone wrong, in which he then became the target and was betrayed by his own country. While Hulk Hogan is this american republican poster-boy of why war, weapons testing, government experiments, etc. is justifiable. He is a result of physical exertion to a certain extreme to where it is being put to good use (leg drops and choke slams) to stop evil, in this case the Ultimate Warrior (when he was bad), Sgt. Slaughter (when he seemed like a possible replacement for Sadaam Hussein), and the obvious Iron Shiek. He is (according to his theme song "the real American" who "fights for what's right, American", which is a very Republican point of view.

They are each other's doppelgangers and if they somehow hybridized, they would be either the perfect species, or the ultimate wrecking machine, which could be put into current socio-political conditions which can kind of say that if the Republicans and Democrats got together, everything would be perfect. Or would it? You can't have one without the other, so this is certainly a Marxist perspective, which only works on paper...or for our case, only works on canvas:

There's probably alot more to this that we can discuss. A "connect the dots" of some sort. But we'll do that later. As for now, we have to go to bed.

Art's the shit.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and judo know?!

cam'ron is into art. literally. this is what we made when all that was given to us are images of a pretty girl (but in a really bad 'art photographer-esque' style), the internet, spraypaint, and pop-tarts late night to keep you awake:

haha oh man. my love's for hire. <3

p.s. serina likes to crowd surf famous rappers:


Monday, September 15, 2008

ryan's birthday & chinatown la & roomates & hot dates?

so we went to the big opening party in chinatown, los angeles, as well as celebrated captain cool's birthday, hung out with friends and drank tasty beverage. this is what the camera was looking at when we would carelessly push the button that lets the light in:

happy birthday captain cool!