Thursday, August 28, 2008



The Beatles to come back and return everyone back to this era where people would play on rooftops, date japanese conceptual artists, shoot with film and sing songs about a certain kind of love.


Have Keith Haring come back from the dead like the Beatles and tell everyone to stop biting his style, then bring back Basquiat and Warhol back so they can make the art world feel as good as it probably did back then before this whole "free for all" era thing happened.


To bring back what graffiti use to be, and smash what it has semi-become now, which is a bunch of "hipster" art schoolers who just make stencils or wheat paste posters of their favorite thing in a generic cartoon graffiti-based style everywhere they go. (ie. every "street artist" who wants to paint on skateboards, and canvases with their faux-barry mcgeeish/dalekish characters.) what happen to bombing, throw ups, tags, pieces, burners, top to bottoms?!


Being normal. right? she's kinda hot, i guess.


Michael Keaton as Batman, because he doesn't have that stupid raspy Christian Bale cheese thing where it sounds like he has throat cancer or has his teeth glued shut. Look at that chin!


the 24K Gold DeLorean. Forget a hybrid! We want a Mr. Fusion!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can You Imagine!?!...

Sigur Ros's single off of their new album (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust) This video is pretty awesome, not to mention the collabo with artist Ryan McGinley which means...nakedness everywhere!!! and everybody is so happy! Can you imagine living in a society like this, its like a hippy version of Lord of the flies?!


p.s. Well, on second thought, we kinda live in a society like this, except instead of the wonderful island, we have big cities, bedrooms, parties, art galleries and parks to play around in. Like so:

This is a project that we are working on that involve girls repainting spaces. It's pretty much taking the roll of a janitor or worker that cleans walls, except transforming the mundane into something else. We're not sure what the else is, but i'm sure it's obvious above. More pics from this fiasco comin' shortly! Hooray for art!
Who wants to paint a wall?



So P. Diddy made a video of himself flying commercial, talking about how gas prices are too high. Not to mention that he also talks about how he has his own jet and uses it to fly around for his acting career costing about $200,000 round trip because of gas, or something stupid like that. Sean Combs is the victim ladies and gentlemen, because we all know how little money he's made over the his career of really bad music, tv shows, and cheesy marketing strategies. psh!

Why did Biggie have to die instead of his annoying side kick?! Fluck that!!


Oh, and here's a "photoshoot" we did with our friend Jessika showing us her favorite Star Wars action figures, Star Wars tattoos, and other things awesome:

To make things "smart", this is part of an ongoing art project we are doing that removes hierarchies of a certain kind, specifically a kind of photography that involve really "big" cameras and snobby coolness. In accordance to the current state of things, we wanted to do a "shoot" where we used the newest/semi-newest form of photography: webcams. We enjoyed the idea that this borders and plays on the lines of the instantaneous imagery of the internet, supposed cyber-sex (do people still say that?), the taboo, politics of the "www", photography, and a bunch of other fun things and we (and hopefully you as well) find amusing. It's sort of like long distance modeling. haha

For us, it created a different kind of relationship between artist and model, similar to but unlike the relationship to person-to-person photography, as well as infiltrating our comforts with new technology such as instant messaging, webcamming, etc, etc. This ended up being super fun on both ends and now we wanna keep the ball rolling with whoever is willing. But you know as well as we do that it's about having fun and making hot images. haha

So who's next? hehe <3

Monday, August 25, 2008

the world's largest record collection...

if only we had a giant warehouse and $3 million bones to spend casually. still can't believe this guy hasn't gotten any offers. someone in japan would probably buy it in a heartbeat! who wants to pitch in? haha

oh yeah, bjorn showed this to us, and it was too dope not to post:


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Congratulations to our boys Supercrew for taking home the gold tonight on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew! We knew you guys were gonna win from the start. Since you guys started more than 8 years ago, you've battled, won, lost, got cheated, and rightfully won, and now you guys stand (and danced) in front of millions of people, rightfully representing B-boying and winning it all, which is amazing beyond belief. You deserve everything and because of you guys, you've opened up a whole new door for B-boying and closed the door of it's stereotyped cornyness in the media in the 1980's and we've never been more proud of you all. Just remember to stay the same guys you were from the beginning and the same guys you are today, humble, fun, sweet, positive and driven. There's alot more we can say, but we'll say it when we see you kids real soon(Freestyle Session, this weekend!). RJ, windmill-2000s are on us. haha Congrats Supercrew (aka. fullforce, battlemonkeys (SFA/DNA) & knuckleheadzoo)!!!!

<3 MC/FD

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

speaking of China...

In light of the recent craze of the Olympics (which own our lives at the moment), we found this crazyness in Beijing. A FAKE DISNEYLAND!!! WOW:

It's called the Shijingshan Amusement Park, and the creator is denying any kind of relationship to Disney, which is pretty amazing. He even called their Mickey Mouse a "cat with big ears" or something crazy like that. haha Amazing. Read the full story HERE. There's some video too. Knockoffs are amazing.


p.s. go to this tonight:


Super Girl is the rough Chinese equivalent of American Idol but a billion times larger and more intense. Its season finale drew in over 420 million viewers, making it not only the most-watched TV program in the history of ever, but one with an audience larger than the populations of the US and Great Britain combined.

In this series, Yang Lei leads on a little tour of her country as we try to wrap our minds around the insanity that is 21st century China.

This was from VBS.TV. If you guys don't know about, you should check it out. it has all these great video features and tv shows only on the site, but dealing with all the things you guys like (and what we like): art, music, politics, girls, film, etc. But this is what we were watching recently. You can GO HERE to see the rest of it.

Speaking of super girls, these girls are the best artists ever:

god we love them. more to come! brb!