Thursday, August 21, 2008


Congratulations to our boys Supercrew for taking home the gold tonight on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew! We knew you guys were gonna win from the start. Since you guys started more than 8 years ago, you've battled, won, lost, got cheated, and rightfully won, and now you guys stand (and danced) in front of millions of people, rightfully representing B-boying and winning it all, which is amazing beyond belief. You deserve everything and because of you guys, you've opened up a whole new door for B-boying and closed the door of it's stereotyped cornyness in the media in the 1980's and we've never been more proud of you all. Just remember to stay the same guys you were from the beginning and the same guys you are today, humble, fun, sweet, positive and driven. There's alot more we can say, but we'll say it when we see you kids real soon(Freestyle Session, this weekend!). RJ, windmill-2000s are on us. haha Congrats Supercrew (aka. fullforce, battlemonkeys (SFA/DNA) & knuckleheadzoo)!!!!

<3 MC/FD

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