Thursday, August 28, 2008



The Beatles to come back and return everyone back to this era where people would play on rooftops, date japanese conceptual artists, shoot with film and sing songs about a certain kind of love.


Have Keith Haring come back from the dead like the Beatles and tell everyone to stop biting his style, then bring back Basquiat and Warhol back so they can make the art world feel as good as it probably did back then before this whole "free for all" era thing happened.


To bring back what graffiti use to be, and smash what it has semi-become now, which is a bunch of "hipster" art schoolers who just make stencils or wheat paste posters of their favorite thing in a generic cartoon graffiti-based style everywhere they go. (ie. every "street artist" who wants to paint on skateboards, and canvases with their faux-barry mcgeeish/dalekish characters.) what happen to bombing, throw ups, tags, pieces, burners, top to bottoms?!


Being normal. right? she's kinda hot, i guess.


Michael Keaton as Batman, because he doesn't have that stupid raspy Christian Bale cheese thing where it sounds like he has throat cancer or has his teeth glued shut. Look at that chin!


the 24K Gold DeLorean. Forget a hybrid! We want a Mr. Fusion!

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