Monday, February 25, 2008

Nu Rave

So reading Vice Magazine, we came across an article we just couldn't shake. An article on "Blipsters" aka Black Hipsters. After cracking up over how good that title is we decided to give some kuddos to those oh so steezy mo fuckas! I mean shit. You have to admit when you come across a "Blipster" you take a double take and most likely think, GAH DAMN! In London the Nu Rave scene is huge out there. According to Vice, "East London, the epicentre of nu rave, is home to big black communities and so racial mixing was inevitable. Soon enough the neon-clad, glitter-faced, MDMA-fuelled parties became a melting pot of all creeds." Basically thats how Nu wave was born. Damn and we thought it was just the 80's phase. All in all, Middle Class would just like to say, "Thats Dope."

Ahhh Kesh. You are so so fresh.... Model for us?

We also don't want to say R.I.P Ben Chapman, who played the infamous creature in the 1954 Universals hit, Creature in the Black Lagoon. He died on Feb. 22 at a VA hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. Cheers creature of the lagoon...

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