Wednesday, June 13, 2007


the pool party was wonderful! thanks to Matt for having us and for everyone who showed love. the next one will be a blast and a half, so stay posted. here's what happened:

the standard rooftop is pretty amazing. waterbeds, pool, nice people, good vibes.

a dance circle got started with all the kids from FloorDorks and Dance Right. way fun!

not to mention water gun fights for days!

Hit and Run did live screen prints for shirts. here's a close up of one of them!

watcha know about our bloodsport design?!

alot of familiar friends and faces were there. from diplo to han cholo, from i heart comix to obey, floordorks to from elsewhere. fun fun fun! we cant wait for the next one!! hooray!
ohhh brian!


Fever said...

I <3 the Standard, and I <3 you guys :)

Glenjamn said...