Thursday, July 5, 2007

Euro Trip 07

The MC posse decided to take a little trip through Europe visiting Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and a few other fun spots. Weeeeee!

crazy sandcastle party!

graffiti in Germany. CBS got down in Europe?! whaaaa?!

and apparently, De La Soul got up. haha

they still have the 7up guy in Europe too...craazy!

this was the main Volkswagen factory in Germany.

a funny painting on some random wall.

five oh!

Europe owns USA in desserts by a billion.
and this shot that Greggy was taking was called the Passover something. It stayed burning in his throat and stomach for about 10 mins. crazy.
this is the X-men school, hahaha jk.
hooray for germans and bjorn!
middle class is nothing. haha
no walking your kids?

this is the concentration camps in Poland where the Holocaust took place. soooo insane.
such an eerie place knowing and imagining what took place here.
this is a case full of hair shaved from the heads of those that were "ethnically cleansed", insane.
and their shoes.
the infamous railway that brought many jews to the camp.
public hanging.
one of the few gas chambers left standing in the camps.
outside of the chambers.
this is where they were kept, these bunkers held thousands of people. insane.
a further view of the camp.
okay, back to good things. this was spaghetti ice cream. why dont we have stuff like this here?
the best parents in the whole world.
banana splits. daaaaaaaaang.
ice cream trucks!
wieners. haha
this is what they call a Smart car in europe. they only hold 2 people but have the best gas mileage in the whole world.
they have funny signs in europe.
and cute cars.
this is the jewish memorial, aka the best hide-and-seek area ever.

this was the best sign ever. haha soooo good.
these are giant see-saws. woooooo!
awwww goodbye europe! for now. we'll see you soon! hooray!

1 comment:

mr said...

u had me at hello.. :]
haha kidding.
dude... spaghetti ice cream? wwoorrdd?
europe sounds alot like heaven. u have to fly there. and they have spaghetti ice cream :D