Monday, July 16, 2007

house party, hot dogs, smiles, and puppies

This week was of our friends had a graduation party 90's backyard bbq theme. it was awesome. and we visited the Grn Apple Tree base to say hello earlier during the week and saw a bunch of funny things on the way there. mmmmm, LA. mmmmmmm food. mmmmmm girls. haha enjoy!

hooray! so who wants to take pictures with us? preferably pictures that involve little or no clothing and super fun randomness like graffiti, robots, pirates, penguins, old cars and leisure activies. haha we have to make some art for our August 17th art show in LA so let us know if you wanna be middleclassed!

<3 MC

p.s. dont forget to go to this, this weekend, it's the Daft Punk pre party!!!:

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