Friday, September 21, 2007


With a recent spawn in "coolness" in the LA/CA scene, so much "lack of" or "too much of" has been going on and noticed by the people who really understand (including ourselves) what we're talking about. Too much of a certain thing is happening and the lack of something genuine and wonderful has been existing too long. Although with the recent happenings in the small crevaces of the LA/OC/CA area, the scent of that "genuine and wonderful" is becoming noticably strong. The cover of the recent OC Weekly is living proof of exactly that:

That scent that you might encounter on your regular everyday route that makes you say "something smells really good." is the above mentioned. The Crosby, Free The Robots, From Elsewhere, Middle Class as well as a few others (GrnAppleTree, Mute, downtown Santa Ana, MFG, LA Lemon, LoveMade, etc.) is that breath of fresh air that the culture needs..and for us, it smells like a large mushroom, pepperoni, artichoke and olive pizza. Mmm....Damn, we're hungry now.

<3 MC

p.s. dont forget about these parties by the above awesome people in October:

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