Sunday, October 28, 2007

you know.....

it's really rare when the way someone dresses can make you melt like a jelly fish sitting on a curb in the Philippines...during summer time (yes, i've seen it happen before). so we were flipping through Vice magazine and saw this lovely human:

yeah, seeing her was like having a really bad day at work because some douche bag was very demanding at customer service, getting a speeding ticket, then coming home to a clean house, fillet minion dinner, a slice of tiramisu, ice cream and knowing that a beautiful naked girl is in your bedroom.....covered in $100 bills and a bottle of cris at the nightstand. that might be the equivalent of what we felt when we saw her. jeff koons needs to make her into a sculpture already. haha but yeah....soooo good.

so good that she deserved her own post. dearest girl in boat shoes, where are you in our middle class lives?

*sssiiigghhhhh* <3

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