Monday, February 4, 2008

more things.

So...a few things. Moving from city to city is quite the bother, especially if you don't have a big enough car to carry crap around. Anyone have a giant truck we could borrow? It's a good 30 minutes worth of driving total, and all we need to do is move a bed, futon, and a few drawers and maybe a desk. and maybe a table with some kitchen stuff. Damn. Hurry, so we can stop posting not-so-often on here. Well, here's our very own emilio in a cute little short that john made. nice:

emiliofish. from John Bollozos on Vimeo.
the 2nd greatest thing:

We have some friends from Rialto and it's amazing how much it still looks like that. I know right?

We cant stop watching this. Serious delirium.

and this too.

So what happened to the naked pictures you ask? Give us a few minutes. But i guess for now, here's some stuff:

this is Diablo Cody showing us her butt. she's the snazzy writer for Juno. Yeah, she's pretty cute with her pants that don't fit. haha We forgot about this photo and how much Tom Ford might have been the luckiest guy to see 2 of the hottest girls naked:


kang hye-jeong....mi-do. *sigh* If you haven't seen OldBoy, you should. It will blow your mind.

because it's john waters strangling a flamingo. what else? oh yeah, and this:


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