Sunday, May 11, 2008

kwame beef!

Since everyone and their mom is making a basketball shirt right now of their favorite player(which is fine, sometimes.), we decided to make a favorite shirt out of the least favorite NBA player ever....yep, you know it baby:

The mug shot on the left is of him getting arrested for ruining some guys birthday cake at a party, and the picture of him on the right is a couple days later, so that his image looks clean with his cute new haircut sitting on top of that 9 million he earned for sucking. haha oh, kwame brown. what a way to pimp the system.

want one? yes! how? you know where to go....wooooo!

<3 mc

p.s. here's some old favorites we found that weren't on the blogspot for some reason:

hahahahahaha wooooo!

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