Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wii fit = god

Since the last video of the girl playing the wii fit hulahoop, it spawned a bunch of other girls to make their own versions. nintendo should get an award for best video game company in the world, or some kind of hero award. i bet everyone already agrees with it anyway. except for college frat guys who buy xbox for sports games. suckers. they're probably in some room with a bunch of dudes in cargo shorts and sandals playing a boring video game, while us on the other hand were smart enough to Wii it up. which is why the babes hang out here, instead of delta dogma sigma freud house, or something like that. ZZZZZZAP!

oh, and here's some pictures from the last couple of things that just happened:

click HERE to get to the more action packed version of the photos above. warning: lots of photos. so be patient.


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