Thursday, January 15, 2009

durex bookshelves.

oh, and check out our new bookshelf:

in our dreams. damn. it's the REK bookcase by Reiner de Jong, and we want it. anyone wanna donate like $7,000? please? it's alot better than our book shelf:

well, i guess the stuff on our bookshelf is better. i mean:

who can beat a Val Venis action figure? Portishead live in NY on VHS?!

or a rare Jollybee toy and the Thriller album on vinyl?

not to mention Tatanka, rare vinyl and middle class shirts?! haha who are we kidding, it would probably look alot better on that other shelf anyway. *sigh*



i'd pay 7 grand for that.


Anonymous said...

le art throb is this you?! i miss your myspace blogs

middleclass said...

to anonymous:

who's le art throb? nah, this is middle class.

who is this?