Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hot, obviously.


Obvious hot girls are cool.

Some people like to pretend that they're not into them, and that they want the girl who looks "unique and different" or something of that caliber (see Chloe Sevigny, Maggie Gylenelahsdlfasdf, or Karen O). And by "unique and different", i guess (for a lack of a better word) "normal" would make more sense. Girls that fit in the "normal" category, and not the "obvious hot" category (whichever those might be for whomever at the time). That makes sense, considering the conditioned bombardment via MTV, VH1, Victoria's Secret, Maxim, etc. etc. The jocks usually like the obvious hot girls, well, because they're obviously hot. And at one point or another, before certain people were into "unique and different" girls, they were into obvious hot girls. The ten-year-old boys peeping in their uncle's Playboys, or in these times internet porn when no one is around.

But what constitutes "obvious hotness?"

Big boobs? Nice boobs? Make up? Midriff tops? Long wavy hair? Full lips? Curves? Pam Anderson? Megan Fox? Jessica Alba? Any girl on the cover of Playboy, FHM or Maxim?

I suppose those are all perfectly good candidates for "obvious hotness", but if it comes down to conditioning, what if we were conditioned to like "ugly" girls? What if they were the ones on the cover of Playboy and not the new bond girl (Olga Kurehalsdkfasdlsomething)?

I guess it can happen, but i guess what i really want to know is....not "What" constitutes this "obvious hotness" but "Who"? I'm sure there's some Freudian explanation to all of this regarding some kind of effect to natural beauty/aesthetics, possibly related to how we react to trauma, sight, the phallus, blah blah blah. But i guess everything is just a roller coaster effect of some sorts. Sometimes we like Pam Anderson, and somedays we like Sarah Silverman. Sometimes we don't want to look at the nerdy girl, but want to look at the cheerleading team instead....we think? Eh...too sleepy to find out the "truth." Must, get, coffee....

I guess we're just thinking out loud right now, but in the case of "now", this is who we're thinking about:





im kinda sleepy....

but u think she's an obvious hottie?

middleclass said...

haha, no...thats the point. you arent supposed to know if we think she's an obvious hottie or a regular girl.

but we all know tina fey is a "regular" girl in the "obvious hottie is...." category.

she isnt megan fox. she's tina fey.

and we love her.


funny girls are superhot to me...

i like her alot also.

on another note... i like the photoshoots that u guys do... it has a naughty, voyeuristic feeling to it[no homo]...

when are u gonna post more of that subject?