Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's a good time for late night tv....

You know, normally we would say Jimmy Fallon isn't that funny, which he really isn't (via post Conan/late night set bars). Though he seems like a fun guy to hang out with. Partly because of the fact that most of his humour in early SNL episodes was based on the fact that he couldn't keep a straight face which was funny to see. Sure, he talks funny, he's handsome and has awesome guests, but he isn't really funny. But that's not the point we're trying to make. We're actually not sure if we are trying to make any point about him, aside from the fact that one best things he has going for his show right now (aka the only thing that makes us watch his show besides The Roots & really good guests) is this:

that's right. a Saved By The Bell reunion. which is pretty amazing to attempt to pull off, and you know what...he's totally gonna do it. the fact that did the dialogue/scene word-for-word was the best. Sure, we're suckers for childhood memories and nostalgia, but shit....that was seriously the best show growing up, and to see that scene happen blew our minds. and better yet, last night, he came through with this:

Zack Morris & Zack Attack. he only has two left to go, so let's hope Screech & Kelly come through (which i'm sure they will), because this is an event not to be missed. the Saved By The Bell class reunion! this year will mark the official 20th anniversary of the show, which is a great thing to celebrate. so Jimmy Fallon, if you're reading this.... you're not bad, you're an ok guy. in fact, we always thought you were charming and wanted to hang out with you. we were just being elite movie assholes who hated your movie about a taxi driver and the same shit everyone likes to complain about you. we were just a little jealous that you got to kiss natalie portman during the mtv movie awards. but you now have permanent cool points because of the soft spot in our hearts for Bayside's finest. so we take it back, and wish you the best.


friends forever.


p.s. you can sign the petition for a reunion HERE.

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