Friday, September 4, 2009


we just can't enough:

who wants to do a shoot this week? we have quite a few packs left before they become long gone forever. well, not really cuz word on the streets is Urban outfitters is buying out Polaroid film. which means it's going to be a bazillion dollars a pack, so yeah, they'll pretty much be long gone in a symbolic type of way. haha ouch.


3 comments: said...

i just saw a special on 20/20 about this investment group planning on reopening a polaroid facility so they can produce 600 and other films again. it aired last weekend and im on too slow of an internet connection to find it right now. but i was pretty excited walking into a room with 20/20 on and randomly finding out that information.

middleclass said...

ooh, we hope this group isn't urban outfitters, because we heard urban outfitters is supposedly buying out all the polaroid film and is slanging it for $25 per pack.


Anonymous said...

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