Monday, November 30, 2009

Japan: Robot Nation...

After watching that, we're now somewhat supportive of "Asiaphiles" (aka non-asian guys who are extremely into asian girls). It sorta makes sense that we meet alot of foreign Japanese women who want an American boy, especially if their men aren't putting out. They should make a cartoon about that, so Japanese men will encourage each other to start pleasing their women more often "before all the non-japanese men come and steal their girls." It sounds pretty apocalyptic to us. Guys, grab your jimmy hats (in this case, don't, so grab your passports instead)....girls, get your kneepads ready. haha Ok, we're thinking out loud now.


on a totally unrelated note:

and just to balance out all the brains, here is peaches geldof further filling the stereotype of the 'rich girl who is famous for nothing but being stupid' thing: