Wednesday, October 15, 2008

twins rule.

there wasn't anything to do, and any friends to take pictures of, so godzilla was my model and so was line paper and sharpie. and thumbtack. oh love.



the only reason why we watched Godard films. Maybe.


Look what we drew! That's Monica. She's pretty much the filipina Rosario Dawson. Or Rosario Dawson is a non-filipino version of Monica. Either or will do, considering the level of "hot" on both. Hooray!

Our friend is having an art show this Friday and showing a new series of paintings that are pretty gross. In a good way. Free booze, food, music, and good people, as usual. and next week:

Show 3, The West Coast Show, from The Backpack Fantastic is up right now. Click that pic, and make sure to wait til the whole thing plays for a special surprise at the end. or download it HERE

and don't act like American Apparel ads aren't hot. Because you know they are...

and did anyone notice that they started adding nudity into their ads? Especially on this one below:


twins rule.

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