Tuesday, April 21, 2009

going vegan is Hip Hop.

just when we thought vegetarianism was only for pansy hipster art nerds and anthropologists alike, Masta Killa from the Wu went ahead and proved us wrong. well, we already knew he was veg, now it's official. but yeah, just incase you feel embarrassed by stereotypes of vegs being gangly art nerds (which isn't necessarily a bad thing. i think), you can just look at Masta Killa and this ad and feel ok. in fact, go ahead and put on your timbos, polos, and karl kani. but then again, Masta Killa might be the wackest of the whole Wu. thanks emilio.

who wants to go eat bacon pie?!

p.s. remember these:

where the front was them on the front and:

the back was them from the back! as Kris Kross! there was a whole spawn of shirts like this except with Bulls jerseys, Lakers jerseys and a whole list of sports teams back in the day. we want ALL OF THEM. so, note to self, win this item on ebay (which ends in a few days) before the other guy does.

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