Wednesday, April 22, 2009

instead of waiting for paint to dry...

we were talking with Amy about Madlib...

MC: what do you think is the worst way to die? we used to say being burned alive or drowning, but we would say burning. a friend said being torn apart and peeled. which sounds great.

AMY: being burned alive. ima cancer so were like one with water beings haha. fire, not so much.
MC: do you wear watches? we hate getting watch tans
AMY; i used to, but now i depend on my cellie for the time. i just wear bracelets. most of mine are friendship bracelets.
MC: we dont think we've ever gotten a friendship bracelet.
AMY: well dont feel too bad all the ones i wear are made by i have essentially imaginary frienship bracelets haha
MC: our friends make us friendship $100 bills.
AMY: oh whattt!
MC: we wish we could say what we just said in real life. "oh my friends give me $100 bills as a sign of friendship instead of bracelets."
AMY: hahha i was gonna say.
MC: or would that make us hookers?
AMY: nah not if they're your friends... haha psh those are the types of friends one needs. who cares about loyalty and trust...
MC: ....when you're ballin
AMY: exactttttly. we should just be friends with rappers haha they have all the dough. somehow it just happens that way. rappers get it made.
MC: if you could be any rapper right now, who would you be?
AMY: psh id be my own rapper but unfortunately asian girls dont get a lotta street cred.
MC: we said Nas.
AMY: ohhh nas is dope.
MC: hes rich, hes dope, and he looks young still haha.
AMY: id be madlib.
MC: madlib is dope. we wish he was still in lootpack. we wish lootpack still existed!
they were one of our favorite groups. we wish Quas would do a show!

AMY: haha don't we all
MC: madlib should just come out in a quas suit
AMY: i know right? or do what the gorillaz do when they perform. it should and could be done
MC: we can def see that happen. if only...he should just come out in a quas suit, and then on the screen he should have madlib pop in every now and then with his face showing but with prerecorded vocals and movements so that madlib can just switch his voice in the suit to match the screen. seriously, we're gonna propose it. then, we're gonna make a petition and you can be the 2nd one to sign it after us.
AMY: well i was gonna be the one providing signs and gather mob support. but petitions are just as fun haha
MC: ok, well if all else fails, we can do the mob thing. without the whole burning down the building and lynching thing.
AMY: it will not fail!

who wants to sign the petition?


Suckapunch said...

hey middle class, i almost hate to mention this, but Madlib actually did a Quasimoto show dressed as Quas. It was way back in 2000 when The Unseen dropped - I was there. Reason I hate to mention it is that it was so bad ... I mean, as good as The Unseen is, it's like you'd like to be polite and simply forget it.

It was only for one or two songs, but the sound was horrible and you could sort of feel like Madlib knew he was making a mistake. This is before too many people even knew the guy though. Stones Throw ended up doing a weird joke news story about it claiming it was an impostor

Anyway, who is AMy?

middleclass said...

shit, you know what's nuts?! i heard about this a while back too, and i remember them talking about it being madlib, but then down the road some people saying it wasn't real, and then hearing other people say it was.

and yeah, it was right around when the unseen came out. i knew there was something familiar about this conversation.

thanks scott. and amy is a friend. and yes, she's quite the catch.

when are we meeting up and working on stuff soon?