Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the hot school nurse...

we clearly remember the hot nurse in middle school, and that all the boys would go out of their way to fake sick just to see her. it must be funny to be a hot 20-something year old nurse and have 12-14 year old boys come to check you out. all the girls would hate on her, or want to be like her. she probably went home to her hot fireman husband and had showtime porn love making sessions and told stories of how little Joey faked a stomach ache so she could check his pulse just so he could touch her, and probably imagine her naked:

at least that's what we all talked about. all after a long day of bustin scams (haha), tater tots and playing pogs at school.

(and yes, we know that she's a dentist in that photo, but you can project your fantasies of the hot dentist just as much as the nurse.)

p.s. fuck you hot fireman husband! we'll poach you!

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