Friday, May 29, 2009

forgetting to post photos....

we might be the worst at that, which is why alot of the photos are from months (or years) back that we recently stumbled upon. horrible, we know.....which is why we need interns and people to come in and sit around and blog for us. but we can't pay, because...well you know, recession. but we can give hugs, draw you pretty pictures, paint your picture, take your picture, and buy you smoothies. say yes?

yes! oh, and if there are repeats from previous blogs, our bad. this has alot to do with that lack of intern problem. see the rest of them HERE.


Gx said...

argh i would be an intern if you were in britain. i love hugs and preety pictures and smoothies.
maybe get a british person to get some photos for you?I.E ME!!... to add a british twang to your blog.


jeremy scott said...

hey! that's keith boadwee!

Anonymous said...

need an intern for summer?

middleclass said...

dear anonymous,

yes we do!

who is it we're talking to?

Gx said...

will be doing some exiting stuff in a week or so and will send you some stuff for you to feature!

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