Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this looks amazing...

Nintendo makes the best games. EVER. This game is called "Muscle Koushinkyoku," and it's coming out for the Japanese Wii, and hopefully for the Wii here. Maybe we'll get it in Japan when we go in 2 weeks.

In other news, Conan is back and the episode today was awesome. The universal studios trip was hilarious and as usual Will Ferrell made things funny. also andy richter is back, which should be good, even though he didn't get enough air time, but will most likely later. it was also great to see Max and the original crew there with him. can't wait to see what happens.....no matter what, he's making LA a better place to live, and we're just glad to have him back.

we're suckers for black and white films. and even more, suckers for Coppola's films. Francis not Sofia much, considering how much most of her films sucked. This should be good, even though Gallo can be really douchy especially in those stupid Belvedere vodka Terry Richardson ads, he's still a good actor and can be funny. Anyways, we gotta go and figure out some get-rich-quick schemes. brb.


Johnny said...

that game looks so amazing. it reminds me of "Lusty Man"


middleclass said...

haha that lusty man is something else.