Monday, May 11, 2009

the word swagga = the new bling bling = swine flu.

Is it us, or is the word "swagga" the new "bling bling"? In fact, it's official. it most definitely is:

The short lived slang word to describe fresh and unique style/flavor/attitude/etc. has now become the new soccer mom/old/white people friendly slang term. In fact, as soon as that MIA sample got whored to death via the Kanye, JayZ, Weezy, TI song "swagga like us" the term caught on like the swine flu. Other than hearing it from the brits, and from "swag bags" given out at all the great parties, the only person we heard use that word to annoyance was Lil Mama during America's Best Dance Crew. she's annoying, which automatically destroyed the term "swag" for us. We're pretty sure someone back in the 70s or something used it, but we're talking about right now. don't get us wrong, we still like MIA and maybe (just maybe) she might be the only one who can say it and not sound like a doofus, but we'd rather not hear anyone say it at all. There's nothing wrong with the word itself, it's just the abuse the word has gone through in the last year, and possibly its association with wack ass emcees (see Lil Mama, Soulja Boy, newbie MCs who depend on their BAPEs as swag) highlighting their appearance rather than their skills on the mic. And since no one wants to kill the use of the term, we might as well start now.

So unless you're an old white republican (or not), you should stay away from the word "swagga" or else you may be get the swine flu, turn into vanilla ice, soulja boy, adam sanberg or fall under some kind of category like this:

this guy might be the only one allowed to use it too:

hahaha here come the "you guys are racist" comments.

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